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An airport employee called a tourist a freak and lost her job

During check-in at Greater Rochester Airport, the traveler received a note from the security officer who said: “You’re a freak.” It is known that the man did not immediately unfold the transmitted note. He did this only after going through an inspection. The tourist, according to him, was not offended by the message. It is […]

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+34 in permafrost: abnormal heat covered the Arctic

The temperature record was recorded in the Arctic in the entire history of meteorological observations. North of the Arctic Circle, the air temperature warmed up to 35 degrees. It is worth noting that this is the first time this has been observed. The Swedish Meteorological Institute informs about the record. It was he who recorded […]

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A woman suddenly gave birth to triplets, thinking that she had kidney stones

A resident of the United States thought she had kidney stones, but gave birth to triplets. It became known that the American did not even know about her pregnancy. This is reported by The Mirror. Moreover, the woman did not feel any changes that usually occur with the woman during the bearing of the child. […]

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The fall of a huge meteorite hit the Network

On August 16, a car driver shot a huge meteorite on the camera. The video has already appeared on social networks. A unique phenomenon was recorded in the sky above Torre Grande in Sardinia. According to eyewitnesses, this celestial body was also visible from northern Africa and southern France. It is assumed that the video […]

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Under the surface of the Earth found deposits of diamonds older than 4.5 billion years

Scientists from the University of Australia have found signs of an ancient reservoir of magma in the bowels of our planet. It became known that these deposits can be more than 4.5 billion years. It is known that scientists were able to study the composition of 23 samples of ultra-deep diamonds. They were thrown to […]

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Found “terrifying giant” weapons against protesters

Chinese law enforcement officers are training to deal with “terrifying giant pitchforks.” It is known that they can shock people. About the incident reports Daily Mail. Training takes place at the sports center in Shenzhen. It is here that protests continue. It is assumed that these pitchforks will be an excellent way to complete the […]

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Plastic found in the pristine ice of the Arctic

A three-week international expedition collected ice samples from the Arctic. It became known that it contained microparticles of plastic, which is visible in samples obtained from the depths of glaciers. This suggests that the scale of planet pollution is increasing every day. This is the fault of people who do not care about our planet. […]

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A bold experiment: in Qatar, they explained why the roads are painted blue

The Qatar authorities have decided to paint the roads blue. This is done in order to reduce the temperature of the asphalt. According to information provided by the Qatari edition of Ar-Raya, relevant activities have already begun to be held in conjunction with a Japanese company. According to the expert, the temperature regime of dark […]


Apple sues virtual iOS developer

Apple has sued Corellium, an organization that creates virtual copies of the iOS operating system, noting that copyright has been violated. Corellium provides users with virtual versions of iOS that they can use through a browser and check for security vulnerabilities. Apple notes that the startup aims to reap the benefits of illegally copying the […]

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The guy used the Titanic to get intimate photos of the girl

User Reddit talked about how he convincingly explained to the girl why she should send him intimate photos. The post of a young man scored more than 40 thousand likes from users who supported him. The guy met a girl in the Tinder application. In the description of the girl’s profile, it was said that […]

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