About me

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My name is Robert C. Begley. I will tell about myself and about the blog where you are.

So silently
I am 37 years old. I am married, more recently dad. I live in the small town of Harrisburg. You can look at me, my beauty and our little son.

What else to say?
Oh yes. Martin, who found quite small on the street and who has been safely living with us for almost four years.

By the way, she turned out to be very clever. At the sight of the sausage begins to speak in human language. 😉

Martin never jibber even when his master sleeps.

Now about the blog
A lot of interesting and useful information has accumulated in my head. So I decided to let her into the world.

And another significant reason was the requests of friends and acquaintances of this type: “Show me how you did it … Show me how you connected and set up that … And then something else … And so on to infinity.”

Everyone knows about it!