An asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid is approaching Earth

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NASA said the potentially dangerous huge asteroid is rapidly approaching Earth.

It is known that the asteroid 2019 OU1 has rather impressive dimensions: it is 40 times larger than Venus and resembles the Cheops pyramid. According to scientists, the maximum rapprochement with our planet will occur on August 28.

It is expected that the asteroid will pass at a distance of 1 million km from Earth. However, scientists do not guarantee that a celestial body will fly past our planet; it is not known how an asteroid will behave in space.

In addition, for earthlings there is another danger – this is asteroid 2006QV89. He may collide with the Earth on September 9th.

However, scientists believe that the real threat to our planet is the most dangerous asteroid called 2010RF12. The odds of a clash in 2095 are 1 in 16.

Photo: Pixabay

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