Apple introduced its latest news at WWDC

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Today, Apple held an annual worldwide conference for developers on Apple platforms (WWDC).

At the event, Apple spoke about the new features and capabilities of its operating systems for smart watches and set-top boxes.
The presentation was made by the company’s CEO Tim Cook.

The company leader noted that the system is now able to have separate profiles for each family member.

Apple TV is also worth mentioning. The device has been slightly upgraded and now supports gamepads from Xbox One X and PlayStation.

Innovations are not spared, and Apple Watch. Smart watches have acquired their own fleet of dials, as well as several new applications and functions: a calculator, the ability to leave audio notes, and also listen to podcasts.

Additionally, the watch will be able to collect and analyze data about the user's activity and compare it with the data of the last 90 days.

Another interesting feature is the analysis of ambient sounds. The watch will be able to determine which ones are hazardous to the ear, and warn its owner.

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