Drunken raccoons roaming Canada

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Remember, in Moscow there was a case of drunken birds?

Now the turn has come to Canada.

Residents of the suburb of Stitsville in southern Ottawa quite often see raccoons in an incomprehensible state, as if they were really drunk.

Such strange behavior inclines eyewitnesses to just such a version of what is happening. Only when intoxicated can an animal behave this way.

After all, how else can one explain the fact that a raccoon is not even able to move its paws, and is still constantly staggering and falling, and even then can not get up.

A resident of a suburban area found a raccoon in her backyard and immediately called the appropriate service.

The animal was immediately taken for examination to the veterinary clinic.

After some time, residents again witnessed such things. But experts from local universities explained the behavior of raccoons.

Animals are forced to eat fruits that are on the street, but now they have pretty “wandered” and fall from the trees.

And raccoons cannot understand what is happening to them. But you can’t try to bring the raccoons sober, but just wait until they get enough sleep.

Photo: Pixabay

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