Experts told about the most useful hot keys on the PC

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Hotkeys are a combination of useful keyboard shortcuts to facilitate a number of tasks.

Keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to use YouTube’s video hosting:

1. I – the video becomes small.

2. K – pause.

3. L – rewind 10 seconds ahead.

4. J – 10 seconds back.

5. M – turns off the sound.

6. F and T – fullscreen and widescreen modes, respectively.

For PC:

1. Ctrl + ShiftV – paste text.

2. CtrlBackspace – delete the entire word.

3. CtrlDelete – delete the word located behind the cursor.

4. Ctrl + Shift + V – paste text

5.CtrlShift8 – create a list in Google documents.

6. For the Exel program: Ctrl + is the date, and CtrlShift + is the time.

7.Shift +? – With the help of this combination it will be possible to get acquainted with the complete list of all combinations of hot keys.

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