5 main rules of face care after 30

5 main rules of face care after 30
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When a person turns thirty, all his life preferences and worldviews change. On a par with this goes the appeal and charisma. And then many ladies have a question: what to do if you want to remain beautiful until old age, so that other women would greedily envy, and men would drool?

If a woman began to ask this question, this article can help her.

1. Strong and proper sleep

The most important rule and the most important is a sound sleep, which lasts at least 8 hours. It would seem a classic piece of advice from childhood, but the most faithful. If a woman does not want to have circles under her eyes, constant body aches, whitened skin, then she needs to learn how to relax well.

And, if you want to prevent unpleasant acne, Hollywood stars advise you to sleep only on silk pillowcases. Since this material is much less bacteria than others.

1t - 5 main rules of face care after 30

2. Wash properly

Many women, when they go to bed, forget to wash off their make-up, due to which they wake up the “panda”. But up to 30 years there are no special problems in this, but after such a non-washing of the makeup, it seriously damages the skin, clogging the pores and producing acne.

And many people wash their face with ordinary soap or napkins, but this is a bad option. Wipes have dozens of chemicals that irritate the skin, and soap cosmetics do not really wash, it is only smeared stronger, making the face even fatter. The skin itself should be wiped with clean towels for the face or disposable wipes.

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3. Separation of creams at night and day

Very often, women do not pay attention to the inscriptions on creams that recommend using the cream at a certain time, in the morning or in the evening. This is very important, as these creams have different properties and compositions. For example, day cream gives first of all a feeling of moisturizing and protection, so that the face does not look too sleepy. In the evening, on the contrary, he gives rejuvenation so that his face shines all day. This is necessary to understand, because the incorrect use of creams not only does not give the desired effect, but can only make it worse.

4. Cream around the eyes

Women under 30 do not particularly suffer from wrinkles and acne, so do not tend to gloss over them with heaps of creams and dozens of layers of the tonal framework. But when the thirtieth anniversary comes, a large number of wrinkles, especially around the eyes, begin to appear due to poor skin protection. But this does not mean that immediately you need to run and smear the skin with all possible means. The cream should be smeared with a thin layer and not reaching the eyes. If it gets in the eye or on the eyelashes, they may begin to turn white and fall out. Eyes may also become red and irritated.

2t - 5 main rules of face care after 30

5. Proper makeup

Many people think that because of the cosmetics, the skin becomes clogged, it becomes dry and cracked, so it needs a couple of days to rest from makeup. This is both true and not. A large amount of makeup can actually harm the face, but a moderate amount of decorative tools can even protect. This is all because of the sun's rays, which cause the skin to crack and age faster, and a thin layer of tonal foundation, for example, is able to protect a woman's face. Of course, there is a stereotype about clogging pores, but this is also not entirely true. You need to use the foundation for the type of your skin and then it will not hammer anything or just interfere.

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