A doctor called six signs of serious health problems.

A doctor called six signs of serious health problems
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Daniel Fenton, the head of the central London clinic, voiced 6 main signs that indicate serious health problems. The specialist noted that some of them are very popular, due to which it seems that they are not dangerous, but in reality they can say the opposite.

However, Fenton emphasized the fact that it is necessary not to intimidate patients with unfounded “horror stories”, but to correctly inform people about potential risks.

No. 1. If you often visit the washroom at night. As the expert explained, this symptom may indicate such problems with the urogenital system as nocturia. Or, for example, an enlarged prostate in men and the risk of oncology of the prostate gland.

№ 2. Regular tingling in the limbs may speak about the possibility of an imminent stroke.

№ 3. Heavy sweating – about lymphoma or myeloma.

№ 4. The feeling of fatigue, which is so familiar to many people, may indicate a whole bunch of different diseases: lack of vitamin D, poor thyroid function, iron deficiency, blood oncology.

No. 5, No. 6. Causeless weight loss, which is accompanied by unbearable thirst, also can not be happy, because in this way the body can talk about type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

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