An unexpected cause of early aging is named.

An unexpected cause of early aging is named
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American scientists have published the results of many years of research. Experts have concluded that early childbirth can be one of the factors of premature aging. For women who become mothers before the age of 20, the risk of early menopause is increased by 43%.

The statement is based on a study of medical records and living conditions of 1,000 women from around the world.

Experts revealed that women in poor areas and states of menopause come to 45 years old, on average a decade earlier than women who live in developed countries.

Specialists at the University of Hawaii have determined that too young mothers more often than other women undergo uterus removal (hysterectomy).

Scientists have also voiced other causes of early menopause. The leading positions were taken by a complex of serious emotional injuries experienced in childhood. In half of the participants in the experiment, he provoked early menopause.

The list of causes of premature aging also included diseases of the cardiovascular system and brain aneurysm.

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