Belarusians appreciated the gifts. 30 rubles and a set of cosmetics for everyone!

Belarusians appreciated the gifts. 30 rubles and a set of
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Back in the 90s, we first heard about network marketing and direct sales. Then, in the wake of the general disruption in the post-Soviet space and widespread shortages, companies with direct sales looked very attractive, because they could offer a price for various goods far below the market price due to savings on rental space and advertising.

Products were sold directly from the manufacturer to customers through numerous consultants who always carried a fresh product catalog with them.

Decades passed, and only companies that have passed the test of millions of buyers remained on the market. Classic glossy catalogs have long been replaced by convenient sites, and instead of looking for a consultant with a catalog, now you just have to go through a simple registration on the site yourself, choose the products you are interested in and place an order.

Moreover, it is much more profitable to make orders on the website itself, because companies are very good at encouraging new customers. Faberlic, for example, gives 30 rubles for registration on the site, which can be written off as payment for an order in the amount of 60 rubles plus a set of cosmetics costing about 40 rubles for only 20 kopecks! Register here.

That is, in fact, each new buyer receives for 30 rubles of goods for 100 rubles (the conditions of the action are taken from the official site

Since the beginning of this year, thousands of Belarusians have already signed up for just one share from Faberlic with 30 bonus rubles and cosmetics as a gift, and in total, every eighth Belarusian resident has made an order with direct sales at least once in his life.

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The topic of direct sales, which is again gaining popularity, is also promoted by a wide range of products, which for a long time are not limited to cosmetics or household chemicals only. There are clothes, jewelry, accessories, cottage, and pet products, and much more.

Agree, it is convenient to order everything at once in one place, at competitive prices and with delivery. And in the event that something did not suit, you can always return without further questions.

Make purchases wisely, use profitable promotions!

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