Boiled water: why is it dangerous to drink

Boiled water why is it dangerous to drink
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Boil the water in the kettle – what could be easier. But a lot of people make mistakes and with this familiar action. Pour fresh water to the already available, boil again. It seems that there is nothing terrible. However, jokes with water are bad.

Everyone knows that the human body, which consists mostly of water, needs to receive fluids daily. Scientists have even derived a formula for water consumption per day, which comes from a person’s weight. The more it is, the more you need to drink.

But not all water is good for health. Plain tap water can hardly be called safe. It flows through pipes that are already quite a few years old, where there are many different deposits, rust and other harmful substances. Public utilities do not accidentally add chlorine to such water: it needs disinfection. And residents are additionally trying to boil it to kill dangerous microorganisms.

What happens when boiling?

When the temperature of the water in the kettle rises to 100 degrees Celsius, water and oxygen molecules leave with the steam. But impurities, heavy metals, etc. – do not disappear anywhere, because they simply cannot evaporate. It turns out that the volume of water after boiling decreases, and the concentration of impurities only increases.

Malignant microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria, of course, die. Knowing this, some believe that the more boil, the more purified water will become. This is a big misconception. All the bacteria died already at the first boiling, the second time they did not kill.

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What is harmful boiling again?

Useful oxygen evaporates from boiled water, which is necessary for the body's tissues.

The mass of salts and various impurities increases.

In tap water, to which public utilities add chlorine, dioxins are formed during boiling. With the constant use of such water, these substances accumulate in the body.

On the basis of water, boiled several times, tasteless drinks are obtained. Especially this concerns tea. Brewing and drinking it on such water is a pleasure below average.

Boil right

If you can not drink bought bottled water, do not worry. With proper boiling and settling, ordinary water becomes completely safe for health.

Use only fresh water for boiling. The one that was already boiling, is not suitable.

No need to pour in a kettle with the remnants of boiled water a fresh batch.

Tap water is best defended, some volatile impurities will evaporate from there during this time.

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Pouring water for sludge is best in glass containers, plastic is not suitable for this. Most often used three-liter jars. Do not close such a lid with a lid; leave it for 7 hours or all night. During the first three to four hours, impurities evaporate, and then salts of heavy metals gradually settle.

When the water has settled, it can be poured into another jar or bottle, but not all. Liquid from the bottom, which contains harmful substances, must be poured. Drinking it is undesirable.

Water is very important for health and life. Therefore, following simple rules, you should try to make it useful.

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