Cardiologists told about the benefits of daytime sleep

Cardiologists told about the benefits of daytime sleep
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Specialists at the American College of Cardiology have discovered that daytime sleep is good for the cardiovascular system. Laboratory studies have shown that rest in the middle of the day normalizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack by 10%.

The study involved 212 volunteers, whose average age was 62 years, and the upper systolic pressure was exceeded up to 130 points.

Detailed analysis confirmed the reduction of the risk of heart attack among the control group. Scientists also noticed that 25% of female volunteers suffered from type 2 diabetes.

The study made it possible to trace that daytime sleep reduces blood pressure as effectively as reducing salt and alcohol intake.

Scientists analyzed: blood pressure indicators were reduced by an average of 3-5 units. The same result gives a low dosage of antihypertensive drugs.

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