Simple tips on how to cope with insomnia

Simple tips on how to cope with insomnia
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A familiar situation: a person woke up in the middle of the night and cannot fall asleep. What should he do?

Get comfortable

If the room is stuffy, the pillow is wrinkled, the sheet is lost – everything is clear, it is necessary to put things in order and continue to sleep. But sometimes this is not enough.

Escape from the desire to sleep

• The most important thing is to forget about your desire to immediately fall asleep, and then the dream will come by itself. Excellent advice, but too much like an impossible requirement “not to think about a white monkey”.

• You can deceive insomnia, if you keep saying to yourself: “I will not sleep. I dont want to sleep. I don't need this at all. ” The unconscious does not perceive the particle “not”, therefore phrases that are mentally pronounced will sound for him as “I will sleep, I want to sleep,” and such self-suggestion will help you fall asleep.

• You can simply without ingenious tricks surrender pleasant memories.

• In other words, you need to stop being nervous and start enjoying the pleasure of lying in a warm, comfortable and safe place. It is important to realize that the hours spent in bed are one of the most enjoyable in life.

• Reading a book or listening to music also helps to forget about going to sleep.

1q - Simple tips on how to cope with insomnia

Relax muscles

• When a person is well and calmly, the muscles of the body and limbs relax by themselves, without any volition.

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• For people who are not left in bed by daytime stress, it is helpful to master the special techniques of muscle relaxation. Such techniques can be found in the manuals on auto-training, yoga. Without preparation, you can use a simple "contrast method". You must first strain the muscle, and then dramatically relieve tension. The muscle will relax. The main thing is not to overdo it and do not start to do exercises instead of sleep.

• It is very important to relax the eye muscles. To do this, just roll your eyes slightly or imagine a high sky above you. Eyeballs will occupy the position that they take in a dream.

Breathe like during sleep

• A sleeping person is easily recognizable by breathing. For insomnia, you can simply imitate the breathing of a sleeping person.

• There are many breathing exercises for relaxation and sedation. The simplest thing is to take each breath in and out, pronouncing it to yourself, and so on until 10. Then repeat. They say that already on the third reps a person falls asleep.

2q - Simple tips on how to cope with insomnia

Other tips

• There is an interesting method called “Reverse Blinking”. Every 10-15 seconds, you need to open your eyes for a moment. Soon they will begin to stick together.

• If you can’t lie down comfortably, remember to remember your posture on waking. This is the most comfortable position for sleeping.

• If half an hour has passed, and sleep still does not come, then it's time to get up and do useful (or pleasant) things, even if there are three nights on the clock. Before the invention of electric lighting, people slept in a few tricks. This was considered normal and did not bother anyone.

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• It is worth recalling the phenomenon of loss of a sense of sleep. Sometimes a person sleeps intermittently asleep or asleep, but it seems to him that he is awake. This condition is well known to people who, on the contrary, need to stay awake. The man is sure that he is perfectly fighting sleep, and then he is awakened. It should be remembered that not every insomnia is real. Perhaps it exists only in the head of a shallow person.

If the listed tips do not help you fall asleep, then at least they will brighten up the sleepless hours. Goodnight!

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