In Italy, a migrant set fire to a bus with students

In Italy a migrant set fire to a bus with
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In Milan, a bus driver set fire to a vehicle while transporting children.

According to Milano Today, the bus was driven by a Senegalese. He suddenly stopped the bus, locked the schoolchildren and set fire to the car's interior with the help of a flammable liquid. One of the children managed to reach the police.

Eleven ambulances, fire brigades and a helicopter arrived at the scene. It is reported that schoolchildren were not injured.

The driver was detained. According to preliminary data, the Senegalese shouted: “This is for your drowned refugee children! Nobody comes out of here alive! ”

According to the latest data, the driver who arrived in Italy from Senegal, was previously convicted of sexual abuse of minors.

Photo: from open sources

Video: RT

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