The highest level of danger and hundreds of thousands of evacuees: what is happening in Japan

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In Japan, declared the highest level of danger. Of the most disadvantaged regions, 110,000 people are being evacuated. The cause of the global state of emergency became the most powerful downpours.

According to local media, the country was covered by typhoon Danas. He, in fact, caused devastating rains.

Due to the raging elements, immediate evacuation was announced in Hiroshima Prefecture, Honshu Island and Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu Island.

In addition, about 245,000 residents of the city of Kuruma, Fukuoka Prefecture, are urged to leave their homes and move to safer places.

Due to bad weather on the island of Kyushu postponed the vote in the elections to the Supreme House of Parliament.

Also due to heavy rains 14 flights canceled. Currently, there is a high risk of floods and landslides in Japan.

Photo: EPA

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