Third World can not be avoided: clairvoyants from around the world have made a forecast

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Experts gathered together and analyzed all the predictions of clairvoyants about the 3rd World War. The conclusion of the work done was disappointing for the inhabitants of our planet.

As it turned out, all the soothsayers and magicians saw the Third World War. For example, according to the vision of Theodosius of the Caucasus, the enemies will be selected from all sides. The Third World War will end with great human and territorial losses.

Similar events saw Lawrence Chernigov. He predicted great losses for Russia due to military confrontation.

The clairvoyant also saw that powerful weapons would be used that would melt even iron.

Blessed Pelagia Zakharovskaya, the soothsayer, spoke about the Third World War. According to her visions, Russia will be targeted.

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