Man raised someone else's daughter due to confusion in the hospital

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A resident of the United States learned that he is not the father of his 24-year-old daughter, whom he raised all his life.

The daughter of Joseph and Jennifer became interested in history. Last Christmas, she handed her parents a kit that helps them find relatives using a DNA test.

They sent their samples for analysis. After 2 months, a result came that shocked them. This is reported by Daily Mirror.

According to the study, it became known that the girl's father is not Joseph, but another person.

Rebecca was conceived using IVF. The genetic material of the alleged father was to be used for the procedure, but this did not happen.

Who is Rebecca's father is unknown. Joseph and Jennifer managed to narrow the circle of suspects to 5 people. One of them is a doctor who worked in the hospital where they did the procedure.

The family accused the medical institution of negligence.

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