Martial artist woke up and killed a tourist in a popular resort

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A tourist from the UK died in a fight with Norwegian martial artist Roger Bullman, which occurred on the island of Phuket in Thailand.

It is known that the athlete was intoxicated. The Daily Mail informs about the incident.

The Norwegian was loud at night. The British complained about a neighbor guarding the hotel, but he not only did not stop making noise, but also went out onto the balcony. Soon he began to sing. All singers heard his singing.

Then the wife of the deceased asked him to talk with Bullman. It became known that the man took a knife and went to talk with the athlete.

As a result, the usual conversation between the tourists grew into a quarrel. The Briton stabbed the Norwegian in the shoulder with a knife. After that, Bullman grabbed the Briton and used a strangulation against him.

By the way, he strangled a man in front of his wife, until he died.

The next morning, the man was arrested. On the fact of what happened is being checked.

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