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Norwegian Vanga stunned with prophecy about the start of World War III

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She voiced a very disturbing vision that a new world conflict is coming.

According to media reports, statements about the Third World War from the “Norwegian Vanga” attracted the attention of specialists.

As you know, her prophecies quite often coincide with world events. The woman is known for her true predictions of impending cataclysms.

She spoke about the conditions that are necessary to start a global and destructive war. According to her, everything will not happen because of the political game of leading countries on the world stage.

Everything will happen due to a change in human values.

Earlier it was reported that the conspiracy theorists, commenting on the events that recently occurred in Romania, noted that something similar was described by Vanga in her prophecies.

Recently, the inhabitants of this country saw a huge cyclops creature. Experts say Wang was right in her predictions, indicating that mutant humans would appear on Earth.

A huge monster was seen in a Romanian zoo.

Adherents of alternative theories suggest that envoys of the dangerous planet Nibiru can attack our planet.

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