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Scientists: blood type affects impotence in men

Academics around the world continue to study the effects of a particular blood group on the health and functions of the human body. The study of this issue took academicians from Turkey. Experiments have previously learned that approximately 10% of the male population at different periods of their lives faced problems in their sexual life, […]

Healthy way

Top 8 products that increase stress resistance

Stress is a vital component of almost every modern person. Many people believe that the best food during a difficult time is something sweet and nutritious. However, this is more emotional satisfaction, which has only a short-term result. A much better choice is to eat healthy foods that will create a certain immunity from stress […]

Healthy way

Scientists: high blood pressure can be useful for the elderly

Academics from the Berlin clinic conducted a series of experiments in which patients over 70 years old participated. In the end, they identified a curious fact. It turned out that in a number of cases, high pressure not only did not bear any harm, but also reduced the risk of death. Researchers analyzed data of […]


In the UK, passed the test of a full-size unmanned bus Enviro 200

In the UK, have created an unmanned passenger bus Enviro 200, the launch of the funds will start in 2020. The bus must make the way through the Firth of Forth. By the way, the vehicle is designed for 43 seats. At the moment, the development of 11.5-meter transport is fully completed, and the designers […]

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