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Google Maps suspected of supporting abortion opponents

American journalists suspected Google Maps of supporting abortion opponents and infringing on the rights of patients. The fact is that if you try to find a medical institution in the United States through the service to terminate a pregnancy, the results of clinics that specialize in discouraging women from solving them will be shown. Google […]

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In the Republic of Korea may soon lift the ban on abortion

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Korea has recognized the ban on abortions as contrary to the Basic Law of the country. In the near future, the law will be amended to allow abortion in the early stages. It is reported that the current law infringes the rights of women to free choice. It […]

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The bride found out about her friend's pregnancy and offered her an abortion.

The girl complained on the web to her friend Kate, who on the eve of the marriage told her to have an abortion. According to the bride, in this case “the ceremony will go more smoothly.” It is known that the girl shared this story on Facebook. Reports about it Daily Mail. It became known […]

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