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The dog stole a Mercedes-Benz and got into an accident

An unusual traffic accident happened in the USA. The dog stole a car and made an accident. The incident happened in the San Francisco Bay area. Dog owners left a pet in a parked car. A dog named Duke, running around the cabin, tangled the leash around the gear lever. Thus, the “machine” was moved […]

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“They were not married and five minutes”: The newlyweds died in an accident immediately after the wedding

In Texas, the lovers got married, but immediately after that they died in an accident. 19-year-old Harley Morgan and 20-year-old Rhiannon Boudreau held a wedding ceremony. After that, they got into the car. CNN informs about the incident. On the highway, their car collided with a pickup truck. As a result of the incident, a […]

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Accident: a man was crushed to death by an elevator

The accident happened a couple of days ago in New York – a man of 30 was crushed by an elevator. The deceased’s name was Samuel Charles Weissbren, he went down to the first floor with an elevator, as always, along with the other residents of the high-rise building. After a while, the other two […]


Russia will develop a robot that would "survive" on the roof of the Chernobyl NPP after the accident

In Russia, they create a unique robotic manipulator that can work for a long time under conditions of intense radioactive radiation. It is known that it is created in order to sort radioactive debris. It can also be installed on special equipment that can work without the involvement of human labor. According to experts, such […]

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The liquidator of the Chernobyl accident committed suicide after watching the series

The liquidator of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident in the Kazakh city of Aktobe committed suicide. This was reported by the source Daily Mail. The publication reports that the man was found dead after falling from the roof of a 5-story building. The incident occurred at the end of June, but they started talking […]

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Wild bear accidentally hijacked a car and had an accident

In the USA, the toed predator hijacked a parked car, lost control and got into an accident. According to the police in social networks, the wild bear discovered an unlocked car in a private house near the forest. Obviously, the bear decided to check if there was something edible in the car, opened the handle […]

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“Go to the victim and say hello to her”: in Germany they are tough with those who want to take the place of the accident

Patrolmen impose a fine and offer to come to greet the dead. Reports the edition about it DW. Relevant information is posted on the page of the publication on Twitter. For example, in Germany, the police fines passers-by drivers who are trying to take a photo from the scene of the accident. The penalty for […]

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The man survived the accident and had the reputation of "the most successful man in the world"

A resident of the English county of Lancashire managed to survive after a truck wheel flew into the windshield of his car. A man drove a car. At this point, the truck wheel fell off. About the incident informs the Daily Mirror. It is known that the wheel crossed several rows and struck the windshield […]

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Accidental accident saved the life of the expectant mother and her child

An American got into a hospital as a result of an accident and accidentally found out about a rare disease. A 20-year-old pregnant girl was hospitalized as a result of a small accident. In the hospital, the girl was given a rare diagnosis. It turned out that her preeclampsia is a rare complication of pregnancy. […]

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Named people who often get in an accident

The rating of the most “emergency” names was made by the insurance company “Consent”. Experts managed to calculate the number of losses from policyholders with a specific name for the year. It became known that drivers with the names of Cyril, Roman, Valery and Vasily most often got into traffic accidents. As for the most […]

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