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The alligator ate a 45-kilogram pit bull in front of the hostess

In the United States, an alligator attacked a dog. In the morning, a local resident Cynthia Robinson took for a walk a 45-kilogram pit bull nicknamed Tank. As they walked past the settling pond, an alligator pounced on the dog. About the incident reports Bay News 9. According to the woman, everything happened quickly enough. […]

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This was not expected by anyone. Alligator crawled on a romantic picnic and ate all the foods

In the US, an alligator spoiled a picnic for locals by trying all their treats. It became known that the girl wanted to take her beloved young man into the army, but before the event, the alligator went to the land and began to eat all the food. Reports the incident to the Associated Press. […]

General news

Uninvited guest: a huge aggressive alligator came to the kitchen for wine

The morning of one of the residents of the state of Florida began with an unpleasant surprise: a huge alligator was waiting for a man in the kitchen. It is known that the reptile was discovered only when she managed to break the window and knock over several bottles of wine. Frightened man hurried to […]

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