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Analysts named the names of 5 geniuses of our time, who secured a place in history

According to analysts, the contribution of several of our contemporaries to the development of scientific and technological progress is so significant that their work provided them with a rightful place in history. Here are the names of the geniuses of the XXI century: 1. Elon Musk. One of the most amazing people on the planet. […]


Analysts said how to build a budget gaming PC

A gaming budget PC is a dream for every gamer, because not everyone can afford to buy a powerful device for $ 1,000-2,000, and the price is indicated for only one system unit. Experts have developed detailed instructions on how to save money on a “dream machine”, but remain satisfied with the results: 1. Analyze […]


Analysts recalled the predictions of Jobs, Bezos and Gates, which were fulfilled in 20 years

Three recognized geniuses of innovative technologies – Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates at different times were able to predict the future. Analysts recalled the most important predictions that have already been fulfilled. So Steve Jobs: 1. Cloud storage. Steve Jobs back in 1996 shared a life hack data storage: send an e-mail to […]


Analysts: the advent of smartphones with a 108-megapixel camera and 10-fold optical zoom is coming

In 2020, a completely new type of phones will appear – with 108-megapixel cameras and 10x zoom. This forecast was made by American analysts, based on the technologies that are being created and released at the moment. Currently, the technology market segment is supersaturated with models with a fivefold optical zoom. Therefore, the output of […]


Analysts announced the release of four new iPhones in 2020

Well-known analysts of JP Morgan Chase suggest that by 2020 four new iPhones will be announced at once. It is noted that the Apple developer company has not yet presented the future iPhone XI line, but the web already has information on the main characteristics of the phones from analysts. Thus, in the new models […]


Analysts have named the most sought-after jobs at Apple

Analysts from America talked about the most sought-after Apple jobs. Experts emphasize that over the years, engineers, designers and technologists have taken the leading place. At the moment, software development specialists are in demand in the company. This personnel policy Apple is fully consistent with the latest statements of company executives. Moreover, they have repeatedly […]

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