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Xiaomi announces the launch of Mi Charge Turbo

Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo, as always, keeps pace with the times. Often you need to “feed” the phone very quickly, and this is very difficult! Xiaomi believes that 30 watts is not the limit of high technology and has already decided to “test” the version of 40 watts. The debut will take place at the […]

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DPRK announces testing of "new weapons"

On August 10, North Korea tested the “new weapon.” The Korean Telegraph Agency informs about the incident. As for the weapon itself, nothing is reported about it. Mentioned only about the flight of missiles. Kim Jong-un decided to start testing weapons immediately after he received information about the latest developments. It is known that during […]


Apple Announces 8-Core MacBook Pro Test Results

On May 21, Apple presented the most powerful 8-core 15-inch MacBook Pro. And today the results of testing the device on Geekbench have become known. Recall that this is a special program for measuring the performance of the iPhone and iPad. You can evaluate the test results yourself. So, the new MacBook Pro with 2.4 […]

General news

France announces international competition for the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre Dame

France announced an international competition to restore the spire of the Cathedral of Notre Dame. On the eve of this statement was made by the Prime Minister of the country. The authorities propose to the participants of the competition to develop a spire that would correspond to modern technologies and tasks. At the same time, […]

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