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The child caught a throat infection and was left without arms and legs

In England, an 11-month-old had a throat infection and lost limbs. About the incident reports the British edition of The Sun. The incident occurred in the English city of Clitorps. A 23-year-old British woman named Abigail noticed that her son has a fontanel. A worried young mother sought medical help. Doctors discovered a throat infection […]

General news

Fracture and rupture of the ligament. Sickly guy took his beloved in his arms and went to the hospital

A resident of China took his girlfriend in his arms and ended up in a medical facility with a torn ligament and a fracture. The incident occurred on May 20. The couple celebrated the unofficial Chinese festival of all lovers. About what happened reports AsiaOne. The 20-year-old boy succumbed to feelings and raised his 65-pound […]

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