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Xiaomi will release a voice assistant to communicate with callers

Xiaomi in the updated MIUI 11 firmware add a voice assistant that can answer incoming calls under the supervision of the owner. At the moment, the company’s employees are only working on such an update, however, the developers are confident that very soon every user will be able to use the new option. It is […]


Yandex voice assistant may appear on Huawei smartphones

In the products of the Chinese brand Huawei may add “Alice” – voice assistant from Yandex. In particular, the Chinese company is currently discussing with Yandex the possibility of using other useful services in its smartphones. Huawei is interested in all popular applications: Yandex.Taxi, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Zen. The Yandex company has not yet commented on a […]


The new generation of Apple Watch will become an indispensable medical assistant person

The American company Apple is famous not only for its smartphones, but also for Apple Watch smart watches. From the moment the watch went on sale, the news now and then flashed messages that the clock had detected deviations in the heart’s work in time or recorded tachycardia. Most likely, the developers were inspired by […]


Google Voice Assistant will receive a series of updates

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced several updates that the voice assistant will receive. In particular, it was announced that the number of new products will include the ability to book cars and movie tickets. According to the statement, new items will appear at the end of this year on Android phones. And the technology itself […]


Google Voice Assistant can now tell tales

Not so long ago, Google released a wireless speaker with voice control from Google Home. Now the developers are taking the next step. A new feature has become available on the phone or tablet. Development called “Tell me a story.” For the time being, only residents of Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and the […]

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