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An asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid is approaching Earth

NASA said the potentially dangerous huge asteroid is rapidly approaching Earth. It is known that the asteroid 2019 OU1 has rather impressive dimensions: it is 40 times larger than Venus and resembles the Cheops pyramid. According to scientists, the maximum rapprochement with our planet will occur on August 28. It is expected that the asteroid […]

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A giant asteroid is approaching Earth: what threatens humanity

In a couple of days, a large asteroid will approach our planet, which will be eight million kilometers away. The dimensions of the space object are 569 meters. Already this Saturday, August 10, he will come very close to Earth. Interestingly, as scientists note, this asteroid 2006 QQ23 is larger than the Empire State Building […]

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Announced the threat of a collision of Earth with a giant asteroid. Scientists have figured out what will happen in 2027

Scientists have reported that in 2027, the Earth will face a giant asteroid, which will completely erase New York from the face of the Earth. Not so long ago, scientists discovered an asteroid with a diameter of 100 meters at 57 million km from Earth. Previously, researchers believed that an asteroid would fly past the […]

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Americans are preparing for the fall of the asteroid

The head of NASA shocked the Americans, saying that an asteroid would soon fall upon Earth, which would destroy all living things. At the same time, Jim Brydenstein compared the fall of a space object with films about the Apocalypse. According to the head of NASA, something big will probably fall to Earth, and it […]


Japan dropped a bomb on an asteroid

In March of this year, the Japanese probe “Hayabusa-2” attacked the asteroid Ryugu, which belongs to the near-earth group of asteroids under the general name Apollo. The purpose of the experiment was to find out in practice how asteroids react when they collide with other space bodies. Also, the Japanese want to get samples of […]

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