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Termites ate the millionth stash of a girl

A resident of Indonesia complained about termites, which ruined her stash of ten million rupees. The Jakarta Post informs about the incident. The girl shared her story on the social network Twitter. According to her, she did not save money so that termites ate it. She also asked for help, asking if it was possible […]

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The alligator ate a 45-kilogram pit bull in front of the hostess

In the United States, an alligator attacked a dog. In the morning, a local resident Cynthia Robinson took for a walk a 45-kilogram pit bull nicknamed Tank. As they walked past the settling pond, an alligator pounced on the dog. About the incident reports Bay News 9. According to the woman, everything happened quickly enough. […]

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Men ate raw squirrel in front of vegans and paid the price

In the UK, two men were sentenced to a fine for eating a raw squirrel in front of visitors to a vegan market in London. The court found 22-year-old Deonisy Khlebnikov and 29-year-old Gatis Lagzdinsh guilty of disturbing public order and sentenced them to a fine of 200 and 400 pounds, respectively. At the trial […]

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This was not expected by anyone. Alligator crawled on a romantic picnic and ate all the foods

In the US, an alligator spoiled a picnic for locals by trying all their treats. It became known that the girl wanted to take her beloved young man into the army, but before the event, the alligator went to the land and began to eat all the food. Reports the incident to the Associated Press. […]

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Aggressive monkey ate ducklings in front of their mother

In the Netherlands, a monkey attacked a duck and killed its ducklings. Baboon first stood on a wooden plank by the pond and watched the bird and her cubs. Reports about it Daily Star. The duck left ducklings for a while. Then the monkey seized the moment and ate one duckling. It is worth noting […]

General news

Woman survived for 17 days in the forest and ate insects

On the island of Maui, rescuers managed to find a woman who disappeared 17 days ago. 35-year-old American went missing on May 8. She went to sports on the territory of the Macawao Forest Reserve. More about her could not hear anything. About the incident informs The New York Times. Authorities discovered her parked car. […]

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