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Google is building a new social network Shoelace

Very soon, the famous Google company will launch a new social network that will help in finding a partner for the event. At the moment, the hyperlocal social network Shoelace is only at the testing stage. It is noted that access to the new social network at the testing stage is allowed only for invited […]

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A powerful gas explosion destroyed a high-rise building in Poland: there are dead

In one of the Polish cities, there was a powerful explosion, as a result of which the windows even flew up in neighboring buildings. According to the local police, household gas exploded in a residential building in the city of Bytom in the Šlene Voivodeship in southern Poland. The blast wave killed three people, evacuated […]

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Leading architects showed the world's best residential building

Leading architects of the world have recognized a residential private house in the Japanese city of Kurashiki as the best in the world. The competition was held within the framework of the AR House 2019 architectural award. The one-storey building designed by the Tokyo bureau of General Design Co. was recognized as the best house […]

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The plane crashed into a residential building. There are dead

A small civilian aircraft crashed into a residential building in the United States. As a result of the incident, 2 people died. About what happened reports ABC News. It turned out that the plane was unable to gain the necessary height for a normal takeoff and crashed into a house that was located a few […]

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The bear climbed into a residential building, made a pogrom and fell asleep in the closet

In the US state of Montana, there was a funny incident – a bear climbed into the house of the locals, made a pogrom and fell asleep and a closet. The owners found the bear by accident. Arriving home after work, the couple suddenly discovered that their house was locked up from the inside. How […]

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Under the rubble of the building collapsed in Shanghai, seven people were killed

On May 16, the old factory building collapsed in Shanghai. Out of the debris removed 21 people, 7 of them died from their injuries. It is reported that the building was under renovation. Inside worked builders who suffered as a result of emergency. The total area of ​​the collapse was one thousand square meters. 15 […]

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In the US, a fighter with ammunition crashed into a building

On May 17, in California, an F-16 fighter with ammunition on board crashed. The plane fell on an uninhabited air base building. It is reported that the pilot managed to eject. He was hospitalized at the hospital. Also, 12 warehouse staff were brought to the hospital. Three of them were seriously injured. A preliminary cause […]

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Tragedy in Shanghai: the number of victims of the collapsed building has increased

The number of victims of the collapse of the factory wall in Shanghai has increased. According to the latest data, 10 people died. Previously, the media reported that 21 workers had been removed from the rubble. Seven of them died from their injuries. Recall that the tragedy happened on May 16 at 11:20 on Zhaohua […]

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Five people died in a fire in a residential building in China

5 people died in a fire in a residential building in Guangdong Province (China). The local media report the incident. It is reported that the fire occurred in a 6-storey building. The top three floors were leased to students. It is known that 27 people suffered as a result of the incident. They were taken […]

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In Costa Rica, a meteorite fell on a residential building

In Costa Rica, a meteorite weighing more than 1 kilogram fell on the roof of a house. The incident occurred on April 23 in San Carlos. At the time of the fall of the meteorite, the hostess was watching TV. There is no doubt that the stone is a celestial body. After all, he flew […]

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