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Xiaomi will release a smartphone with a camera in 108 MP

Xiaomi and Samsung entered into a partnership within which the Chinese brand will receive a powerful camera developed using Korean technology. The expected clarity of the images will be 27 megapixels, which means obtaining incredibly clear images. In addition to a powerful camera, the technology involves more advanced color reproduction, which will allow you to […]


"Glue the camera and laptop microphone." New recommendations have become known how to secure a laptop with electrical tape

Experts of the Center for digital examination Roskoschestvo advised to stick the camera and microphone laptops. According to Russian media, such recommendations were not drawn up by experts. The Center emphasizes that you need to seal the camera and microphone when they are not used. For this you can use scotch tape, electrical tape or […]


Xiaomi is preparing to exit the smartphone with a camera at 64 MP

The new product of the Chinese brand Xiaomi will be the first in the world to receive a powerful 64 MP camera. What kind of smartphone it will be has not yet been clarified, but experts agree that this is a Redmi 8. It is known that this camera will be equipped with 4 modules, […]


Nokia 8.2 smartphone will get a sliding front camera

Well-known company HMD Global is preparing its new Nokia 8.2 gadget. The network has information that the new smartphone will be equipped with a sliding front camera, presumably, with crystals of 32 megapixels. This decision indicates that the display of the novelty will be frameless, but nothing is known about the exact characteristics of the […]


Analysts: the advent of smartphones with a 108-megapixel camera and 10-fold optical zoom is coming

In 2020, a completely new type of phones will appear – with 108-megapixel cameras and 10x zoom. This forecast was made by American analysts, based on the technologies that are being created and released at the moment. Currently, the technology market segment is supersaturated with models with a fivefold optical zoom. Therefore, the output of […]


Created a compact camera that allows you to see the world through the eyes of shrimp

Harvard scientists have created a compact camera that can see polarized light. Many people know that shrimps, flies, insects, and also crustaceans see the world around them differently than humans or other animals. Their eyes can perceive only polarized light. A person can see this kind of light with the help of a camera that […]

General news

Tourists booked accommodation and found there a hidden camera.

Three tourists from Malaysia faced an unpleasant situation while on holiday in Portugal. Women found a hidden camera in a rented apartment in the bathroom. It is reported by Asia One with reference to the message of tourists, which they posted on the social network. The women told subscribers that one of the tourists decided […]


Oppo Shows Innovative Selfie Camera

For several weeks, the Chinese company Oppo has been advertising a smartphone with innovative selfie camera technology. The developers placed it under the surface of the screen. Oppo showed a new 15-second video. The video itself is made in the style of the creation story. It demonstrates the evolution of selfie cameras. Manufacturers are showing […]


The network has a photo taken on a smartphone with a 64-megapixel camera.

Quite young and still not very famous Chinese smartphone maker Realme announced the release of its new product. Most likely, the presentation would not have made a special rush, if not for one thing. The new smartphone from the company Realme is equipped with a 64-megapixel camera. This scale has not yet been even from […]


Experts have chosen the 2019 smartphone with the best camera

Experts from the popular DP Review site (website about digital cameras and digital photography) have chosen the 2019 smartphone with the most powerful camera. You may have thought that the Apple iPhone won an unconditional victory. However, it is not. In order to select the winner, DP Review employees considered all the parameters of the […]

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