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In the ranking of smartphones with the best cameras in the world – a new leader

The leader among smartphones has changed, now it is the long-awaited new flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. It is noted that the rating of the best smartphones was compiled by DxOMark. As a result, we can say that the hegemony of Huawei seriously shook, because earlier, before the release of this smartphone, the flagships […]


Sony is developing a smartphone with six cameras

Sony is experiencing now is not the best of times, so the developers are trying in every way to win a place in the market. The latest innovation aims to surprise users. According to a reliable insider, the main feature of the flagship will be the main camera with six lenses. In addition, the smartphone […]


The network got the real photo Honor 20 Pro with four cameras

The presentation of the smartphone Honor 20 Pro is scheduled for May 21, however, the hype around the novelty does not subside. The network now and then get the new characteristics of the smartphone. Not so long ago, users had the opportunity to see what Honor 20 Pro looks like before the official presentation. Information […]

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For weeks, Airbnb clients were spied from hidden cameras.

The landlord, who rented an apartment in China to tourists through the Airbnb online service, was spying on his tenants with the help of hidden cameras. It is known that he did this for several months. About the incident reports Daily Mail. It is worth noting that the owner’s hobbies were revealed when an IT […]


LG patented smartphone with three selfie cameras

The network has information that the Korean company LG has filed an application for patent registration. As it turned out, she is developing a smartphone with three main and three front-facing cameras. There is information about how three selfie cameras will be placed. It is assumed that they will be placed at the top of […]

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