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Electronic eSIM cards appeared in Belarus. How do they work

Belarus launched electronic eSIM cards, which will replace the standard SIM. An eSIM card is a chip that contains all the necessary data to connect to a mobile network. This card is virtual, you do not need to insert it into the slot. However, it has all the functions that a regular one has. A […]


Huawei will deprive smartphones of support for microSD memory cards

After the famous Chinese company Huawei was removed from the members of the SD Card Association, it lost the support of memory cards. Now manufacturers have taboos on the release of smartphones with these slots. However, as many experts emphasize, there is no official information regarding these changes. Since this step will not allow Huawei […]


Apple employees start getting Apple credit cards

One of the reliable sources on his Twitter page published a photo of a new Apple credit card. A young man named Geskin states that Apple employees are starting to receive credit cards. Recall that the company itself mentioned the release of such cards for its employees in March. The photo shows the card itself […]

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