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Third-party games appear in Wargaming Game Center

The first partners will be known on September 15th. Wargaming Game Center will be accessible to two hundred million people, and this is the main advantage for developers “from the outside,” noted in Wargaming. Note that Wargaming will act as an “engine” for the games of its partners, as it will pass them through its […]

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Urgent evacuation carried out in the center of Paris

Urgently asked to leave their homes people who live next to Notre Dame Cathedral. The reason for the evacuation was a high concentration of lead, which can be harmful to health. At the moment, the content of this metal exceeds the norm by 700 times. Local media report on the incident and monitor the situation […]

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Unidentified masked men with weapons staged a raid on a shopping center in Paris

On the eve of July 19, a daring armed robbery took place in Paris: masked men attacked Galeries Lafayette. This is reported by the French TV channels. Galeries Lafayette is a major shopping center. The robbery occurred in the evening. A group of armed masked raiders smashed an outdoor shop window and glass in a […]

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Armed man attacked immigration detention center

On July 14, an incident occurred in the capital of the United States of America in Washington. The Immigration Investigative Committee was attacked by an unknown man. The man was armed with a rifle and improvised incendiary means. Initially, the offender opened fire on the building of the immigration isolator, then threw him incendiary substances. […]

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The center of Paris was set on fire, dozens of wounded

In the center of Paris on June 22 a fire began. It is known that the fire spread in a high-rise residential building. Reported Le Parisien. The property was built in 1970-1980. It is reported that the fire quickly spread through the staircase. According to the latest data, as a result of the incident, three […]

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The musicians played a song from "Titanic" during the flood in the shopping center

The musicians performed the famous composition of the singer Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On during a flood in the mall. It is known that the incident occurred in Mexico. Video appeared on the social network Twitter. Heavy rain could not stand the roof. Because of this, the water was on the first floor […]

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Howl sirens and rain from the fire. In the center of Warsaw, a skyscraper caught fire

Tonight in Warsaw, a skyscraper located in the center of the city turned into a burning torch. Yesterday in Warsaw there was a major fire. A building under construction in the very center of the city caught fire. In a matter of minutes, the flames spread to the three upper floors. Down “fiery rain.” According […]

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The center of the French city of Bordeaux is engulfed in flames

To fight the fire in the center of Bordeaux, more than 100 employees of emergency services of the city were involved. A large fire broke out a few hours ago in the French city of Bordeaux. It began in a two-story building located in the very center of the metropolis. The flames quickly spread to […]

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Fascinating shots: Eyewitnesses shot a giant water column in the center of Singapore

Yesterday, May 11, in the center of Singapore, witnesses were able to observe an amazing phenomenon. A high water funnel appeared a few meters away from the people. Exciting footage posted by users of the Network. On Saturday, a water funnel formed near the Tanjong Pagar terminal. She moved very slowly, “making her way” past […]

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Pensioner mixed up the pedals of the car and rammed the shopping center

The car drove into a shopping center in the German Hamburg. About the incident reports Hamburger Morgenpost. It is known that the car started at full speed from the parking lot. The vehicle drove up the stairs and smashed the glass doors. It is known that the pensioner was driving the car. As a result […]

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