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Xiaomi announces the launch of Mi Charge Turbo

Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo, as always, keeps pace with the times. Often you need to “feed” the phone very quickly, and this is very difficult! Xiaomi believes that 30 watts is not the limit of high technology and has already decided to “test” the version of 40 watts. The debut will take place at the […]


Scientists have recognized the danger of universal charge

Researchers analyzed cases where people received injuries from standard chargers. As a result, it was found that charging the gadgets at night and using them in bed at this time is very dangerous to health, because there is an electrical leakage from the charging cable. True, current shocks and any injuries, in most cases, people […]


Vivo introduced a charge that charges the phone from 0% in 13 minutes

The Chinese company Vivo, the largest smartphone maker in the world, introduced ultra-fast charging. The device is called Super FlashCharge, its power is 120 watts. Manufacturers claim that using this charge you can charge a 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 13 minutes. However, analysts warn users that with such a fast charge […]


Samsung will be able to charge their smartphones 10 times faster

Samsung has told that in the next updates will feature ultra-fast charging The developers explained that the function will be supported by power controllers that can withstand charging up to 100 watts. This technology has long been used in various fields, but for the first time it will be used in smartphones. How Samsung is […]


Facebook may charge users for viewing ads.

Social network Facebook can start paying its users for viewing ads. Payment will be provided in the case of interaction of advertising with content and making purchases on the platform. Payments will be made in the form of a “cashback” in the project Libra site’s own cryptocurrency. It is known that the company has been […]


The expert explained why you can not charge your smartphone to 100%

Experts said that regular charging of the smartphone to 100% leads to a decrease in battery life. Experts came to this conclusion as a result of the experiment. The survey showed that most users of gadgets do not disconnect the charging from the outlet when the smartphone is fully charged. According to experts, the gadget […]

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