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UN report: in 2018, a record number of children were killed

UN experts conducted a study of armed conflict in 2018 and came to terrifying conclusions – a record number of children died in the past year. The situation in 20 countries of the world in which crisis was observed was studied. As a result, it was established that in 2018 at least 12 thousand minors […]

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The woman due to the mistakes of the doctors gave birth to other children

The American gave birth to twins from the biological material of an unfamiliar couple as a result of medical error. A married couple of Asian origin for a long time tried to have a child, but naturally this did not work. Then the young couple turned to the doctors to carry out the procedure of […]

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Father photographed children on the beach and saved their lives

In the US, a local resident decided to take a picture of his children from a drone on the beach and noticed a shark that was approaching them. Daniel Watson was relaxing on a local beach with family and friends. He took some pictures from the air. This is reported by CBS News. The camera […]

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A pedophile priest corrupted children and forced them to watch adult films.

In England, sentenced to 77-year-old priest-pedophile. The priest was sentenced to 14 years in prison for molesting little boys. Events took place in England 30 years ago. As it became known, the victims of the pedophile decided to report to the police on their tormentor only after many years, as they were afraid to do […]

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Quarrel of children in Spain turned into riots

The conflict of children in Spain has turned into a brawl with the participation of adults. Special forces had to be called in to stop everything that was happening. About the incident reports Europa Press. It is known that the conflict occurred on June 22 in the town square. An 8-year-old boy hit a girl […]

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Parents began to massively beat toys in front of children

Parents began to share in social networks a special way of raising children. So, in order to convince the child to eat, they demonstrate violence over a soft toy. It is worth noting that the beating of toys has become a kind of flashmob. This phenomenon has become widespread. Users of social networks actively publish […]

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"For bad behavior": The teacher forced the children to sleep on the street in the 33-degree heat

In China, a kindergarten teacher was fired for inappropriate attitudes towards children: a woman made small children sleep outside in the sweltering heat. The incident occurred in the Chinese urban district of Zhangzhou on June 19th. It is reported that two children behaved poorly during a quiet hour and prevented other children from sleeping. The […]

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In the United States killed the Russian woman and her children

In New York, the Russian woman and her two children were killed. The crime occurred on June 22 in the house where citizens of the Russian Federation lived. According to the newspaper The New York Post, which refers to law enforcement information, Alla Ausheva moved to the United States on a green card eight years […]


YouTube is working to create a separate platform for children.

Such a decision is considered by representatives of the company as a result of a large number of charges from users. Recall that this year alone, YouTube has several times become the center of scandal as a platform that distributes and promotes unacceptable children’s content. Google Inc. and YouTube’s video hosting guide are actively considering […]

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