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Named the most comfortable city to live in the world

Vienna topped the ranking of the most comfortable cities in the world. It is known that this city for the second year in a row ranks first in this rating. This is reported by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Vienna scored 99.1 points out of 100 possible. In second place is Melbourne. As for the third […]

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In the Polish city of 9 years, only girls are born. For the boy promise a reward

An unusual demographic situation has developed in the small Polish town of Meystse-Ojansk: for more than 9 years only girls have been born. According to The First News, dozens of babies are born in the town every year, but there are no boys among babies. According to local residents, a similar situation in the town […]

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In Kazakhstan, the whole city was evacuated. Details of what happened

In Kazakhstan, an explosion occurred on the territory of a military unit. After that 70 shells were collected. The explosion happened on the morning of June 24 in the city of Arys in the warehouse of a military unit. As a result, two people died, one of whom was a civilian – a shell landed […]

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The Spanish city hired private detectives to track down the owners who do not clean up after their dogs

A curious situation occurred in one of the Spanish cities in Los Carbayos. The city authorities have introduced a new post of an interesting detective story that will track down the owners of the pets who are not cleaning them. All evidence of offenses will be collected for two weeks, after which they will be […]

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The owner was forbidden to walk a voracious pig through the streets of the city

In Australia, authorities have banned a man from walking his pig on the street. Matthew Evans received a letter from the city council. This informs the Daily Mail. He was told that if he continued to walk his pet, whose name is Grant, in the city, he would be fined for disturbing public order. According […]

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The mayor of the city through the court made the KVN player apologize for the joke

The mayor of the city of Vilyuisk in Yakutia Nyurgustan Afanasyev appealed to the court in order to bring the KVNschik to justice for the joke in his address. The incident occurred at the beginning of the year. At the pre-New Year performance, the director of the local orphanage appeared on the stage in a […]

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The center of the French city of Bordeaux is engulfed in flames

To fight the fire in the center of Bordeaux, more than 100 employees of emergency services of the city were involved. A large fire broke out a few hours ago in the French city of Bordeaux. It began in a two-story building located in the very center of the metropolis. The flames quickly spread to […]

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In the US, a clown scared an entire city, luring children with candy

In the US state of Tennessee, a clown lured children into his car, offering them sweets. The police were very surprised to know the identity of the attacker. A man with a clown make-up parked at one of the schools and shortly before the start of classes, he offered two fifth-graders to come closer to […]


High-speed Internet Google broke all roads in the city

The company will give almost 4 million dollars for road restoration. Google will have to pay almost $ 4 million to American Louisville authorities to rebuild the city’s roads. The fact is, during the implementation of the project of high-speed Internet Google Fibe, the company laid cables under the roads, which led to the destruction […]

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The fattest cat Barsik moves around the city in a wheelchair

The fattest cat of the American city of New York named Barsik needs a stroller in order to make movements around the city. This is reported by The New York Post. It is known that his family could not take the cat with them during the move. According to the new mistress of the cat, […]

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