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Google search engine crashed

A popular Google search engine crashed. The unsatisfactory operation of the system could be observed from 17:30 to 00:30 on August 11-12, Moscow time. In particular, users could not go through the authorization system or difficulties arose with search queries. Malfunctions arose among residents of Latin America, the USA and Russia. Also affected and European […]

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A helicopter with the Russians crashed into the sea off the coast of Italy. No survivors

In the Mediterranean Sea fell light helicopter with two Russians on board. Both died. It is reported that the helicopter Robinson R66 fell into the Mediterranean Sea near the Italian island of Gorgon on July 22. At the helm was a 37-year-old Russian citizen. The woman died. In the cabin of the helicopter was also […]

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The plane crashed into a residential building. There are dead

A small civilian aircraft crashed into a residential building in the United States. As a result of the incident, 2 people died. About what happened reports ABC News. It turned out that the plane was unable to gain the necessary height for a normal takeoff and crashed into a house that was located a few […]

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In New York, a helicopter crashed into a skyscraper

The New York City Fire Department reported that a helicopter crashed into a 54-storey Manhattan home. Sources, commenting on the state of emergency, note that a fire started at the crash site. After the incident, the governor of the city, Andrew Cuomo, said that the helicopter made an emergency landing on the roof of a […]

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In the US, a fighter with ammunition crashed into a building

On May 17, in California, an F-16 fighter with ammunition on board crashed. The plane fell on an uninhabited air base building. It is reported that the pilot managed to eject. He was hospitalized at the hospital. Also, 12 warehouse staff were brought to the hospital. Three of them were seriously injured. A preliminary cause […]

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