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The couple discovered a mysterious creature with fangs and beak.

A couple from the city of Kingston upon Hull in the UK discovered an unusual creature that was crawling in the yard. Wendy Gray and Andy Weer found the strange animal on September 5th. “A creature resembling a snake with fangs and beak that fell from the sky,” the couple described a living creature of […]

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A mysterious deep-sea creature was filmed. Look how it looks

In the Pacific Ocean, a very mysterious creature has been recorded, with a thin and leaf-like body. It is likely that the strange specimen is a jellyfish of the genus Deepstaria. By the way, she was filmed on video at a distance of more than 790 meters using a remote-controlled Nautilus camera. It is noted […]

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A terrible creature invaded Chernobyl: from eyewash giant run all eyewitnesses

Officially, you can only enter the exclusion zone through one checkpoint. However, local stalkers know many paths and can get to Chernobyl, bypassing the checkpoint. According to Ukrainian media, the exclusion zone attracts not only tourists from all over the world, but also alien objects. This is claimed by eyewitnesses, who had to face off […]

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In the US, discovered a mysterious fluffy creature

As it turned out, for every 10,000 such animals only one albino is born. In America, in the city of Kennebunkport, the locals turned their attention to a strange animal. The white fluffy animal was a bit like a porcupine, but it had no needles. In addition, the creature was very small in size. Witnesses […]

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Mysterious creature hit the video. On the Web, guess what

A resident of the United States published an unusual video on the Web: a mysterious creature was captured on published frames. Users wondering who it could be? Video with a mysterious creature published by Vivian Gomez. The woman wrote that the creature took only one camera. Two other cameras on the local area for some […]

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 “Mysterious demon”: In Florida, discovered the remains of a strange creature

A resident of the United States found in the backyard the remains of an unknown creature that looks like a mythological “mysterious demon.” A Florida woman was shocked by the find. The dried body of the animal lay on the ground. In appearance, the mysterious creature resembles some kind of reptile. The length of the […]

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