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Every tenth user in Belarus is faced with cyber threats

Experts of Kaspersky Lab have recorded a twofold increase in the number of users who have run into computer cleaning programs and optimize their work, which scare the victim with false information about the criticality of the state of its device. According to company statistics, in the first half of 2019, such utilities, which in […]


89 percent of mobile applications are virtually unprotected against cyber attacks.

It is impossible to imagine modern smartphones without favorite applications. However, it turned out that not all of them are safe. More specifically, 89% of existing applications expose your smartphone and personal data to hacking. Such information was shared by a reputable company Positive Technologies, which specializes in developing software in the field of information […]


Samsung warned users about possible cyber attacks

The company strongly recommends checking TVs for viruses. Samsung is seriously afraid of cyber attacks on their devices. This is evidenced by serious measures that the company is taking to protect its users. So, recently, Samsung strongly recommended that owners of smart TVs regularly check the device for viruses. In addition, company representatives prepared and […]


"Kaspersky" told how to defend against cyber attacks

Representatives of the company “Kaspersky Lab” said that every second user catches the virus through local devices, and every fifth – on the Internet. They also called the main sources of threats. As a rule, these are adware, mobile mining systems, with the help of which attackers extract cryptocurrency, as well as viruses that steal […]


Experts shared tips on how to protect against cyber attacks

Recently, the news is increasingly flashed cases of cyber attacks or information leaks. However, you can protect your computer and smartphone by following a few simple rules. Experts shared the rules of “digital hygiene”. Half of the malware gets to you through corporate and personal mail. Therefore, you should not open attachments and follow links […]

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