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The richest people in the world lost $ 18 billion per day

The fortunes of the 10 richest people in the world have declined by almost $ 18 billion. It is known that such significant losses are associated with a large drop in US stock indices. Forbes informs about the incident. Amazon creator Jeff Bezos has been hit hard. The state of the billionaire decreased by $ […]

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Third for the day shooting in the US: seven people injured in Chicago

In the US, the third shooting took place within 24 hours: seven people were injured in Douglas Park in Chicago, one of them in serious condition. This is reported by American television with reference to the Chicago police. The shooting occurred around 01:20 (local time). Unknown from the black car brand Chevrolet Camaro opened fire […]

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Global Warming: Greenland Lost 11 Billion Tons of Ice in a Day

On the territory of Greenland, scientists have recorded the largest melting of glaciers for this summer. During one day, 11 billion tons of ice had descended into the ocean. The melting of the ice cover in Greenland occurs annually from the beginning of June to the end of July. However, this year the process of […]

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As in a fairy tale: the couple lived in marriage for 71 years and died on the same day

In the US state of Georgia, spouses who have been married for 71 years died on the same day. The Americans Herbert Deleigl and Marilyn Francis Deleigl met back in 1947 in a cafe where a woman worked at that time. The man often visited the institution to enjoy the beauty of the girl and […]

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On the Bastille Day over Paris, flew "soldier of the future"

A flying Frenchman was spotted in the skies over Paris. He flew on a jet board. This was reported in the Twitter account of French President Emmanuel Macron. There was an unusual action on July 14th. On this day in Paris, a military parade is held every year in honor of the Bastille Day. This […]

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Woman day drank wine in a stuck elevator to survive

In Italy, a woman spent a day in a stuck elevator and almost died of dehydration. Italian survived only because she drank wine. The incident occurred last Friday in the Italian city of Padua. It is known that the mistress of the house went down the elevator to the basement to carry the wine box […]

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Tourists in Amsterdam will be offered to marry a guide for one day

The authorities of Amsterdam will offer tourists a new kind of excursion, which will include a wedding with a local resident and a short-term honeymoon. This service will cost about 100 euros. The remarkable service is that tourists will be able to marry a guide for one person and visit non-touristic places with him. The […]

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In Kazakhstan, access to social networks and messengers was blocked for a day

Internet providers of Kazakhstan for the whole day blocked access to social networks. The lock occurred on May 9th. Reports about it NetBlocks. It is known that Facebook and Instagram were not available from early in the morning, as well as Telegram messenger, YouTube video hosting, as well as some news sites. It became known […]


Apple will start repairing MacBook keyboards in one day

Apple Store employees received notifications from Apple. It says that keyboard repair should be a priority for Genius Bar employees. The company management insists that the damage be fixed in one day. That is, when contacting the client must receive a refurbished MacBook the next day. To maintain its requirements, the company sent additional parts […]

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A man told what will happen if you eat one day for 46 days

American Dell Hall the entire post fed exclusively on one beer and as a result, lost 20 pounds. On his YouTube channel, a man shared his past experience. For 46 days, Dell never failed. On the day he drank from 2 to 5 bottles of beer. The American notes that these days did not feel […]

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