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Doctors after an autopsy determined the cause of death of Dorenko

The cause of death of the journalist Sergey Dorenko was the hemo-tamponade – a violation of the heart’s functions. This was informed by the Russian media with reference to the results of the autopsy. According to sources, last night, doctors conducted an autopsy on the body of the deceased journalist Sergei Dorenko. The autopsy took […]


Scientists have determined what crime can make robots with a sense of humor

Computer linguist from the University of Texas Kiki Hempelmann said that artificial intelligence with a sense of humor can kill a person if he considers this act ridiculous. The international community of robotics expresses different opinions on whether it is worth automating the inculcation of such a characteristic human feature as humor. A series of […]

Healthy way

Scientists have determined how female infertility affects the risk of cancer

American doctors have concluded that motherhood protects women from oncology. First of all, it is about reducing the risk of developing breast cancer. Experts estimate that pathogenic processes in the body of healthy women of childbearing period occur only in 2% of cases. Scientists analyzed the data of medical records of 64 thousand Americans with […]

Healthy way

Doctors have determined how vitamin B4 acts on the fetal brain during the flu of a pregnant woman

Researchers at the University of Colorado conducted a series of clinical observations and found out that pregnant women simply need to take vitamin B4, especially if the expectant mother got sick with the flu. As a rule, doctors explain, this infectious disease can lead to changes in the brain activity of the unborn child. Chances […]

Healthy way

Doctors have determined whether green tea actually helps to lose weight

An international group of experts with the help of rodents was once again convinced of the benefits of green tea. Scientists have discovered the possibility of a drink to reduce body weight and intestinal inflammation. During laboratory tests, scientists divided the mice into two groups and made up for each their diet. The first category […]

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