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Minecraft developers refused to move to a new level of graphics

In 2017, the developers of the popular Minecraft game delighted their fans with the news that they were working on a significant improvement in the graphics. The update was supposed to be released that fall: however, game officials said that this idea could not be implemented. Until that moment, the developers constantly talked about the […]


Developers have created an application that selects partners for dating.

A startup from Denver has developed an AIMM application, which is based on artificial intelligence that can independently select potential partners for a date. Initially, the user must tell the AIMM voice assistant about their requirements for the partner. It is necessary to define external data, interests of a person and a number of other […]


Women undressing application developers have closed the project due to wild popularity

This week, the entire global Internet exploded from a project by an anonymous programmer who released DeepNude, with which you can “undress” people in photos. However, it became known that the developer of the application for undressing women announced the closure of the project. The creator of the DeepNude application launched a project a few […]


UAE interested in software developers

The UAE government allowed the issuance of visas to managers of IT-companies for a period of five years. According to the publication The Nation, thus, the Middle Eastern country has the prospect of becoming one of the leaders in the field of high technologies. The conditions for issuing visas also apply to family members of […]


Developers have shown the world's first unmanned electric bus

A new type of transport appeared on the streets of Singapore. The electric bus is “stuffed” with new technologies and is able to cover a distance of 25 kilometers on one charge. The unmanned bus is a joint development of engineers from Nanyang Technological University and Volvo specialists. The vehicle is equipped with GPS navigation […]

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