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Doctors removed a huge stone from the patient's bladder, which prevented her from living

In Chicago (USA), doctors removed a grapefruit-sized stone from the patient’s bladder. 56-year-old American asked for help to the doctor with complaints of abdominal pain. She also had difficulty urinating. Reports about it Daily Mail. For six months she had to struggle with pain. Doctors prescribed only antibiotics, which did not help. CT scan showed […]

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The woman due to the mistakes of the doctors gave birth to other children

The American gave birth to twins from the biological material of an unfamiliar couple as a result of medical error. A married couple of Asian origin for a long time tried to have a child, but naturally this did not work. Then the young couple turned to the doctors to carry out the procedure of […]

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Doctors miraculously saved a girl whose heart had not beaten for six days

Chinese doctors saved the life of a 10-year-old girl, whose heart had not been beating for six days. An interesting incident occurred in the Chinese city of Shanghai. A 10-year-old schoolgirl went to the hospital with chest pains. The girl was also diagnosed with shortness of breath, nausea, and fever. The survey showed that the […]

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Doctors pulled the keys of the mailbox from the stomach of a 3-year-old girl

Moscow doctors pulled a three-year-old girl from the stomach two keys from the mailbox. The child accidentally swallowed iron keys right in front of his mother. According to the press service of the Moscow Department of Health, the little one was indulging with the keys, and she did not notice how they ended up in […]

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Doctors have found a live spider in the patient's ear

In Vietnam, doctors removed a live spider from the patient’s ear. It is known that the woman wished to preserve anonymity. She went to a medical facility complaining of earache. About the incident reports UPI. The doctor examined the patient with an endoscope and found a small spider in the external auditory canal. It is […]

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Doctors took a brain tumor for stress before exams

British Sophie Wardle complained to doctors of severe headaches and seizures, but the doctors claimed that she was nervous before the exams. Only 4 years later, doctors diagnosed a British brain tumor. The girl said that since 2014, her health had deteriorated: her muscles were contracting, she was tormented by panic attacks, and her head […]

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Doctors removed two 1.5 cm larvae from the head of a female

The British woman returned from Argentina and complained about the movement under the skin. It turned out that two large larvae lived in her head. A 50-year-old woman turned to doctors immediately after a trip to Argentina. A British woman complained to physicians about a strange movement under the skin. Doctors decided that the woman […]


Google’s artificial intelligence diagnoses cancer better than doctors

Google’s developers were able to train artificial intelligence to detect lung cancer with an accuracy of 94%. The invention was created by engineers with the help of more than 6,000 images of tomography. Thus, artificial intelligence will not only be able to detect the presence of oncology, but also to track the dynamics of tumor […]

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Doctors after an autopsy determined the cause of death of Dorenko

The cause of death of the journalist Sergey Dorenko was the hemo-tamponade – a violation of the heart’s functions. This was informed by the Russian media with reference to the results of the autopsy. According to sources, last night, doctors conducted an autopsy on the body of the deceased journalist Sergei Dorenko. The autopsy took […]

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Doctors confused pregnancy with cancer and prescribed chemotherapy. Woman lost twins

Turkish doctors treated a pregnant woman for cancer: they confused the fetus with a malignant tumor. Due to the negligence of doctors, 35-year-old Serpil Bugs suffered. In 2018, a woman underwent surgery to remove a tumor on one of the ovaries. A few months later, a woman had a hormone that is responsible for pregnancy. […]

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