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The pensioner died due to a heart broken by robbers

A resident of Great Britain died after robbers entered her home and stole valuables. It became known that the cause of death was a broken heart syndrome. About the incident informs Daily Mirror. 93-year-old Betty Monroe let the robbers into the house. They pretended to be police officers. Attackers took her bag, gold, bank cards, […]

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The boy is numb due to games on a mobile phone

In China, a nine-year-old child spoiled his eyesight because of his addiction to mobile games. During the summer holidays, the boy did not take his eyes off the screen of his mobile phone. It is known that he played for ten hours daily. AsiaOne informs about the incident. Parents tried to fight addiction, but the […]

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Man raised someone else's daughter due to confusion in the hospital

A resident of the United States learned that he is not the father of his 24-year-old daughter, whom he raised all his life. The daughter of Joseph and Jennifer became interested in history. Last Christmas, she handed her parents a kit that helps them find relatives using a DNA test. They sent their samples for […]

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10-month-old girl was on the verge of death due to a relative's kiss

Keti Teylov from the UK kissed her newborn baby, who was not yet a year old. Unfortunately, at the time of the kiss, the girl picked up a virus from her mother, which could have been fatal. Lizi, the name of the newborn, was covered with ulcers and red spots, which made her mother go […]

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Weather anomalies: 400 people died in the week due to heat in the Netherlands

This year, heat attacks many European countries, the thermometer rose to 40 degrees, which led to an increase in deaths. Thus, in the Netherlands, almost 400 people died more than usual during the sweltering heat. The majority of deaths (approximately 2/3) occurred in elderly people who were over 80 years old. The easternmost part was […]

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The girl suffered from nausea for two years due to a popular morning habit

The British woman consumed milk tea for two years every morning, unaware that she was allergic to dairy products. A 28-year-old resident of London named Antonia Terrell for two years could not find out the reason for her poor health. The woman suffered from severe nausea and stomach pain. Several doctors and examinations did not […]

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Lakes appear in Greenland due to record heat

In Greenland, record temperatures were observed by the end of last month. Ice melts much faster than previously expected. This led to the formation of lakes and rivers. The ongoing processes can cause a disaster. This has already happened with the Okiekudl glacier located in Iceland. One hundred years ago, Okiekudl with an ice thickness […]

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Scientists: Europe is threatened with an epidemic due to mutant microbes

According to the new findings of scientists, hospitals and hospitals can become centers of deadly epidemics. The cause of the epidemic will be dangerous bacteria that have developed immunity to modern antibiotics. The research results say that they spread with particularly rapid speed in the hospital walls, as they often come in contact with drugs […]

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Impressive losses: Gillette sales have fallen due to beard fashion

Procter & Gamble previously reported a loss of $ 5 billion in the second quarter of 2019. According to sources, the company explained its weak results by revaluation, which amounted to minus $ 8 billion, the cost of the Gillette business, which is part of P&G. So, the company confirmed that last year sales of […]


Women are 2 times more likely to lose their jobs due to robots than men: research results

In a number of developed countries, robots are gradually becoming part of familiar personnel, replacing human workers with themselves. For employers, the choice in favor of artificial intelligence is quite understandable: the robot can be given an algorithm of actions from which it will not deviate, its choice will always be logical and justified, it […]

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