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In Lithuania, due to abnormal heat limit the speed of trains

In Lithuania, a speed limit has been introduced for trains due to abnormal heat, and passengers are warned about possible delays. Belarus’ neighbor Lithuania this summer also suffers from heat. Due to the high temperatures, Lithuanian Railways had to reduce the speed of all freight and passenger trains. The restriction is valid only in the […]

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In Kharkov, due to the threat of explosions, 19 shopping centers were evacuated

In Kharkov, unknown persons reported laying explosives in 19 shopping centers in the city. The evacuation of citizens. According to the Ukrainian police, the message on the mining of shopping centers was sent to the email address of the police on the afternoon of May 17. Law enforcement officers made an emergency large-scale evacuation of […]


Apple withdraws its production adapters due to the risk of electric shock.

The company had to take such a step because of the incidents that had happened. To date, six cases of electric shock have been recorded. On its official website, Apple announced the recall of the manufactured adapters intended for network outlets, which are used in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. The statement says: “In […]

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In Stockholm, due to the threat of an explosion, the plane made an emergency landing

Aircraft Airbus A319 airline Finnair, flying Helsinki – Manchester, made an emergency landing in Stockholm. The pilot decided to urgently land the plane, in which there were 140 passengers. As reported by employees of the airline, the pressure in the plane rose sharply, which signaled a technical malfunction. If security measures were not taken on […]

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Crete declared a state of emergency due to rains and floods

On the Greek island of Crete due to heavy rains declared a state of emergency. About it reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on Twitter. It is known that the island infrastructure was damaged. There are power outages. Car service is also limited. Authorities advise residents not to leave the house […]

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Male 22 years old suffered from constipation due to a rare disease

In China, a man suffered from constipation due to a rare disease since birth. It turned out that this was due to Hirschsprung disease. Doctors in Shanghai removed the patient more than 70 cm of the large intestine, the mass of which was 13 kg. According to the man, he constantly had abdominal distension, which […]

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Police officer sues bosses for discrimination due to pregnancy

In Britain, a police officer won a trial against her leadership. About the incident reports Daily Mail. According to the woman, she had warned the authorities in advance that she was expecting the birth of a child. At the same time, she could not even imagine that her colleagues would do this to her. The […]

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The library was closed due to a moose asleep

The library in the US state of Colorado had to be temporarily closed for visits due to the fact that it was sleeping on the threshold of the building. It is known that an unusual incident happened at Silverthorne. This is reported by UPI. At first the animal wandered around the neighborhood, and then the […]

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American Flight to New York urgently sat down in Chicago due to broken toilets

The flight of American Airlines American Airlines from San Francisco to New York was redirected to Chicago unplanned. About the incident reports Flightradar24. It became known that the reason for the emergency landing was a disabled toilet. On board the airliner were 74 people. According to the airline, it was decided to redirect the flight […]

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