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Under the surface of the Earth found deposits of diamonds older than 4.5 billion years

Scientists from the University of Australia have found signs of an ancient reservoir of magma in the bowels of our planet. It became known that these deposits can be more than 4.5 billion years. It is known that scientists were able to study the composition of 23 samples of ultra-deep diamonds. They were thrown to […]

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An asteroid the size of a Cheops pyramid is approaching Earth

NASA said the potentially dangerous huge asteroid is rapidly approaching Earth. It is known that the asteroid 2019 OU1 has rather impressive dimensions: it is 40 times larger than Venus and resembles the Cheops pyramid. According to scientists, the maximum rapprochement with our planet will occur on August 28. It is expected that the asteroid […]

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A giant asteroid is approaching Earth: what threatens humanity

In a couple of days, a large asteroid will approach our planet, which will be eight million kilometers away. The dimensions of the space object are 569 meters. Already this Saturday, August 10, he will come very close to Earth. Interestingly, as scientists note, this asteroid 2006 QQ23 is larger than the Empire State Building […]

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Scientists: All life on Earth consists of 20 amino acids

Scientists have discovered that there were about 500 types of amino acids on Earth, but life was born only thanks to 20 of them. In the course of several decades, researchers tried to find out how the first amino acids interacted with each other in order to form protein molecules. Scientists conducted an experiment to […]

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The Earth is threatened by a huge meteor shower.

Conspiracy therapists have announced that the meteor shower is approaching Earth. Millions of people can become victims. Experts speak of impending danger. According to the conspiracy theorists, in the summer the strongest meteor shower could fall on the planet. Experts say that to prevent a catastrophe is impossible. Apocalypse may occur as early as June […]

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In space, recorded the bright "rays of light", directed towards the Earth.

An unusual luminous object hit the lens of the cameras of the International Space Station, which was fixed up to the moment when the signal from NASA disappeared. On the frames of the video published on the Web, it is clear that the unusual rays of light are directed towards the Earth. According to experts, […]

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Erase from the face of the earth the United States: found previously unknown prediction of Nostradamus

Journalists from Britain found in the predictions of Michel Nostradamus a hint at the death of the United States from the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. As the Russian media inform with reference to European sources, this prophecy was written in 1555. Michel Nostradamus in his prophecy described a catastrophe that may occur in the […]

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Earth gave "two powerful signs": two large meteorites swept over Australia

Two large meteorites flew over Australia on May 20 and 21. Both space objects could be the cause of the apocalypse on Earth, but, fortunately, they exploded in the air and fell into the ocean. The fall of such large meteorites did not occur for a very long time. Scientists believe that the Earth has […]


From the Earth, we saw the flight of the satellite "train" Ilona Mask

The unusual action connected with Ilon Mask, got on video. The frames captured the flight of the “train” of the entrepreneur’s satellites. The authors of the video, rapidly gaining popularity on the web, were residents of the Netherlands. It was they who noticed the motion of the Starlink communication satellites. “This is the first satellite […]

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Announced the threat of a collision of Earth with a giant asteroid. Scientists have figured out what will happen in 2027

Scientists have reported that in 2027, the Earth will face a giant asteroid, which will completely erase New York from the face of the Earth. Not so long ago, scientists discovered an asteroid with a diameter of 100 meters at 57 million km from Earth. Previously, researchers believed that an asteroid would fly past the […]

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