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Nearly a million families were left without electricity due to Typhoon Fax

About 930 thousand homes in Japan were left without electricity. The reason is the typhoon “Fax”, which hit the country. TEPCO informs about the incident. Typhoon is known to have covered Tokyo. More than a hundred flights were canceled for security reasons. Classes are not taught at schools either. People are advised not to leave […]

General news

Boeing will pay $ 100 million to families of those killed in plane crashes from 737 Max

The American aircraft company Boeing announced the amount of payment to the families of those killed in two accidents with aircraft model 737 MAX. Information about this was posted on the company’s website on July 3. In a published message states that the funds allocated will go to cover unforeseen expenses and expenses for education […]

General news

In Hungary, unvaccinated children will be removed from families

The Constitutional Court of Hungary allowed for the time being to take away children from those parents who unreasonably refuse mandatory vaccination. This is reported by local media. The court also stressed that only parents are responsible for the child at first. In the event that they fail in their duties, responsibility is shifted to […]

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