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A window fell on a pedestrian from the 19th floor – video

In China, a man survived after an aluminum window frame fell on him from the 19th floor. The incident occurred in the Chinese province of Shandong in the city of Heze. The owner of the apartment on the 19th floor decided to replace the windows himself, but did not take the necessary security measures. From […]

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In China, the bridge fell – there are victims

On the morning of June 14, a bridge collapsed as a result of flooding in Heyuan City, Guangdong Province in southern China: at least two cars crashed into the river. According to the Xinhua News Agency, one person managed to save himself, but the exact number of dead and injured remains unknown. At the moment, […]


The Chinese smartphone fell from a height of 31.54 kilometers and kept working

Vivo company conducted an unusual test of its flagship smartphone Vivo iQOO. Employees of the company launched the gadget into the stratosphere to a height of 31.54 kilometers. They did it with the help of a hydrogen balloon. As soon as the device reached its maximum flight point, it began a rapid fall onto ordinary […]

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Hundreds of children fell under the stage during the casting

In the theater of the Zhangzhou city district, a scene collapsed during the dance casting. It is known that as a result of the incident 1 child died. The incident happened on May 25th. This informs the Daily Mail. About a hundred children and adults climbed onto the stage in order to demonstrate the awards […]

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A man proclaimed himself God and fell out of the window. The prophecy came true only half

In St. Petersburg, an unknown man jumped out of the window of the 4th floor with the words “You will all die, and I am God, I will live.” The prophecy came true only by half. A wonderful man was found under the windows of one of the houses on Kharchenko Street. He was injured […]

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Drunk tourist disobeyed the captain, fell into the ocean and disappeared

The tourist, being intoxicated, disappeared in the ocean after he disobeyed the boat captain. About the incident reports Daily Mail. It is known that the incident occurred on May 13. Wesley Beit and 5 of his comrades rented a boat. They reportedly wanted to see the sights. According to the captain of the ship, friends […]

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Surprise. Snow fell in Turkey in May

In early May, snow fell in Turkey. This natural “surprise” pleasantly surprised the locals. The northern and western parts of Turkey are now covered with a thick layer of snow. “White blanket” reaches 6 cm. Snowfall began yesterday, May 8th. People did not expect such a natural phenomenon. According to the Network users, now the […]

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In the US, the Boeing 737 with passengers fell into the river

Passenger Boeing 737 crashed near the city of Jacksonville (Florida, USA). The local media report the incident. It is known that there were 136 passengers aboard the aircraft. As a result of the incident no one was hurt. The liner when landing rolled out of the runway. All passengers were able to urgently evacuate. People […]

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It became known about the hospitalization of passengers from a Boeing 737 that fell into the river

US officials launched an investigation into the fall of the Boeing 737 into a river in the state of Florida. Recall the incident happened on May 4th. In the Facebook account of the US Navy in Jacksonville reported that in fact the incident occurred being checked. It turned out that after evacuation, 21 people needed […]

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Amateur selfie accidentally fell into the crater of an active volcano and survived

In Hawaii, a tourist tried to make an impressive photo against the background of an active volcano and fell into a crater. The man flew 25 meters and was stuck on a narrow ledge of rock. The incident occurred near the volcano Kilauea, which is considered the most dangerous in the United States. The tourist […]

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