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A window fell on a pedestrian from the 19th floor – video

In China, a man survived after an aluminum window frame fell on him from the 19th floor. The incident occurred in the Chinese province of Shandong in the city of Heze. The owner of the apartment on the 19th floor decided to replace the windows himself, but did not take the necessary security measures. From […]

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84-year-old old woman ran away from the house through the window of an apartment on the 14th floor

An 84-year-old Chinese pensioner escaped from a locked apartment through a window on the 14th floor and went downstairs on her own. As it turned out, the relatives on the advice of the doctors started singing in the apartment. An elderly woman suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and did not give a report to her actions. […]

General news

The boy fell out of the sixth floor window and survived.

In Washington, a little boy fell from the sixth floor and survived. This is reported by local media. It is known that an unusual incident occurred in the United States. The boy managed to survive thanks to a happy accident. So, he fell on the roof of the car, which was parked near the apartment […]

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